At Focus Posters, we believe that every child deserves to feels empowered with resources that matter. Building on the known success of visual schedules, chore charts, and action plans, Focus Posters revitalizes task management by offering the first made-for-your-child solution with characters that look like them, supporting the routines that work for them

When you conquer the ordinary, extraordinary happens.




We're crowdfunding!

We're crowdfunding through Indiegogo so that, with your help, we can build the infrastructure and digital framework to bring Focus Posters to parents, children, and families everywhere. Plus, by preordering now, you're promised first dibs at your custom Focus Poster at its lowest price ever. Think of this as a gift card with some sweet perks included. 


It all started with a dad who wanted a better way to help his son clean his room.


Research-based and community-centered, we're committed to what worksWe provide you with a comprehensive web-based  software to help you create a custom resource to empower, support, and celebrate your child or a child in your life. With their Focus Poster, they'll never have to second guess what's next.

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Kick the cookie-cutter products to the curb, because your child deserves custom. 

What Parents + Kids Are Saying...


Without being told by an adult, the boys know which tasks come first, next, and last just by a quick reference to their focus poster. Once they've completed all tasks, they have free time until it's time to head out the door. No more frustrated parents (or kids) and no more repeating directions over and over. The boys are totally self directed and, believe it or not, we now have spare time in the morning! 


Moreover, it was so easy for my kids to connect with their posters because the characters ON the poster actually looked like them. My oldest said, "Mom, this is me, right? This is exactly what I would look like if I were in a cartoon!" We all giggled and my child instantly connected to the poster and bought into the idea of this new way of structuring the morning. 

-Josephine G.